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Caidio - Concrete Intelligence

Concrete is the most human-made material in the world. Worldwide urbanization continuously increases the need for concrete, which is challenging our environment and atmosphere.

Today, concrete production creates 8% of global CO2 emissions. A recent report from the United Nations Environment Program showed that global material use will surge more than two-fold by 2060, with the construction sector comprising a third of this increase. In addition, concrete production is expected to contribute to 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2060. Today in China, concrete production produces 15% of the national carbon emissions.

The concrete producers worldwide are now starting to face increasing pressure from the government to innovate and implement new technology solutions that reduce their carbon footprint significantly. Similarly, concrete production is often plagued with quality issues, especially in markets where the volume of production is massive, and good quality raw materials are becoming scarce.

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