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Concrete Bridge

Caidio Aggregate Quality Analyser

Aggregate providers supply gravel and sand of varying quality. The quality of concrete needs to be homogenous but the raw materials are inhomogeneous. Especially in China and elsewhere in Asia, sourcing good quality sand and gravel is becoming more and more difficult as the demand for the materials is continuously increasing. Caidio's Aggregate Quality Analysis can analyse the quality properties of these raw materials at the incoming goods inspection or alternatively before the concrete mixing process is done.

Sand and gravel on belt.png

Detect Foreign Objects

Sand and gravel can come with various types of foreign objects included in the raw material shipments. These can contain rocks of various sizes, mud, ice, plastics or other types of waste materials. All of these affect the quality of the end product negatively, and especially muddiness is a pressing issue in many Asian markets.

Particle Distribution Analysis

In order to produce homogenous end product, the raw materials would ideally need to be homogenous as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case with natural materials like sand and gravel. Our particle distribution analysis makes it possible for our customers to adjust their recipes and processes based on the raw material quality information.

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