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Caidio Water Content Optimizer

Accurately measured moisture in aggregates allows the concrete producer to optimize strength, durability, and shrinkage of concrete products without overdosing cement and increasing the cost of production and CO2 emissions.

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Real-time Analysis

Caidio Water Content Optimizer accurately measures the amount of water in aggregates; gravel and sand when producing concrete. Our product can measure and analyse all types of aggregates. This allows our customers to ensure that the needed water-cement ratio is used.

Replacing Old Methods

Currently the industry measures the water content in sand and gravel with manual methods. Most often the materials are measured a couple of times a day, using moisture probes or more often just eyesight estimation. Our solution ensures every batch of material used is analysed with highly accurate results.

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Fully Contactless Solution

Many of the automated moisture measurement systems are probes in contact with the moving aggregates. For example, it is common to use microwave based solutions for measuring the water content in aggregates. This type of products are however under heavy wear and tear, and tend to lose their calibration quickly. Caidio's solution is fully contactless and based on optical sensors. Our products are able to delivery accurate measurement results without the need for constant maintenance and calibration changes.


Based on the real-time information Caidio provides, concrete producers can accurately optimise how much water and cement the concrete mix includes, which makes sure the concrete meets the expected quality and safety criteria without wasting cement. Overdosing cement is currently a huge source of CO2 emissions in the industry and creates unnecessary material costs for the concrete producers.

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