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Caidio - Concrete Intelligence

Caidio is a Finnish AI company. We develop digital quality assurance solutions for concrete construction for every link of the production chain.

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Our Story

Caidio targets the concrete construction market, specifically in China and Southeast Asia, with our products and technology. In 2021 we opened a Shanghai subsidiary and a laboratory in Xi'an to develop our technology. Caidio started international expansion from China as the country accounts for more than 50% of global yearly concrete usage. In comparison, Finland accounts for around 2‰. Furthermore, China has recently set the target to become carbon neutral by 2060, in which the construction industry plays a significant role, too.


Because of the country's massive size and population, the opportunities in the market for Caidio's technology are extensive. However, the large size of the country also introduces big problems, such as significant carbon emissions or the construction industry running out of virgin raw materials. A large high-volume concrete production facility can produce as much concrete as all concrete plants in Finland do. In Shanghai alone, where this upcoming research project will be focused, the annual output of ready-mixed concrete is about 50 million cubic meters. At present, due to the shortage of natural sand and gravel aggregate in the area and the large quality fluctuation, the application demand of recycled aggregate has increased significantly.

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