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Concrete Structure

Compressive Strength and Workability Analysis

Caidio is currently working on creating Machine Learning based products for concrete compressive strength and workability analysis. We are currently in the data collection period for the required Machine Learning algorithms, and expect these products to be available in the near future.

Compressive strength test.jpg

Compressive Strength Prediction

Typically, testing for compressive strength in concrete production is a lengthy process. Current test methods require the concrete to be cured before accurate results are reached. This usually requires a full, 1-month long curing period. Our Machine Learning algorithms can predict the compressive strength of concrete already during the production process.

Workability Prediction

Similarly to compressive strength testing, workability or slump tests are today a time-consuming manual process. Caidio's Machine Learning tools can automatise the process and eliminate the need for slump testing.

workability slump test.jpg
Building in the city center


With the current methods in use in the industry, detecting potential problems in compressive strength and workability is challenging and time-consuming. If the problem is identified, it is often done when the concrete structure is already fully or partially built. This results in costly issues on many projects, where faulty concrete has to be replaced when the problems become apparent. Caidio's Machine Learning based solution can predict the compressive strength and workability already in the production stage, eliminating many of the potential problems arising later in the construction value chain.

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