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Technical Writer

We are looking for a part-time Technical Writer to join our development team. In
this role, you will compose clear and coherent technical information, discuss commercial and industrial products and services, write instruction manuals for users, possess a good understanding of a company's products and applications.

Technical Writer Job Duties

  • Develops a thorough understanding of the audience and the documentation required by meeting with colleagues, and working with managers to discuss technical problems

  • Researches and builds knowledge about products, services, technology, or concepts to be documented

  • Determines the clearest and most logical way to present information and instructions for greatest reader comprehension and writes and edits technical information accordingly

  • Prepares or commissions graphics and illustrations to elaborate on or complement technical writing

  • Meets with subject matter experts in AI, machine learning, instrumentation, and quality management of concrete in order to ensure that specialized topics are appropriately addressed and discussed

  • Collaborates with translators as necessary to convert writing into other languages

  • Works with sales and marketing colleagues to ensure that the finished documentation meets product requirements

  • Revises, edits, or updates instructions, technical information, and frequently asked questions as necessary

  • Creates, adapts, and follows project schedules and deadlines

Technical Writer Skills and Qualifications

  • Suitable Technical Education

  • Written Communication

  • Ability to Explain Concepts Clearly

  • Planning and Organisation

  • Teamwork

  • Knowledge of Software and Computers

  • Attention to Detail

  • Multitasking

Additional information and applications

You can apply and find out more information about this job via LinkedIn.

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