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Join Caidio's Concrete Intelligence Team

Concrete is the most used building material in the world, and the usage of it keeps increasing due to the accelerating urbanization. Despite the massive size of the business, the use of modern technologies in the concrete construction industry has not followed the developments in many other industries.

Caidio will change that by delivering top-notch AI technologies to maximize the quality and productivity of global concrete construction.

Why joining Caidio?

Caidio provides you the license to innovate, make something happen that no-one has done before. By working with us, you will participate in changing one of the largest industries of the world. We want to make the concrete constructions better quality, safer and more environmentally friendly.

We are a startup company that targets high and rapid growth. We want you to be able to grow and develop in your career with us. We offer you a flexible working environment and hours as long as the job gets done.

Open Positions

Technical Writer

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